Potential Cons of Waking and Baking

by Bridey Hicks

Most cannabis consumers can tell you that they have tried waking and baking at least once. Some people swear it’s never too early to smoke weed, and some would rather save their weed time for the middle of the day or later in the evening when they can kick back and watch their favorite TV show. Neither is wrong for liking what they like, and while there are plenty of pros, there are a few cons of waking and baking.

Cons of waking and baking 

The best decision will be to do what feels suitable for you and what fits into your lifestyle. So while there are a few cons, take all these with a grain of salt and personalize your cannabis consumption to what works for you. 

It makes you tired

Sure, the first couple hours of that initial wake and bake will probably be the best hours of that day, but there’s a chance you’ll be setting yourself up to feel sluggish or tired once your high wears off. Feeling lethargic usually leaves you feeling unmotivated and a bit strapped to the bed, so just make sure that you don’t have a lot planned on the day you hit a couple of bong loads straight out of bed. Or, if you do have plans, schedule out your day accordingly.

photo by tony tran on unsplash_Potential cons of waking and baking

It may take away from your high later

This is only a con if you plan on smoking more than once that day. Waking and baking will give you the best high you’ll get that day, hands down, with no competition. That’s because your brain and body have just reset for (hopefully) 7-9 hours, and that first hit of cannabis is going STRAIGHT for the bloodstream. If you’re planning on getting high later, just know that it won’t compare to the high you felt in the morning. If you’re cool with that, this may not be a con but a slight annoyance.

It could lead to a bad habit 

Everything is good in moderation, right? Cannabis definitely fits that bill. From any angle you look at it, whether it’s smoking too much until you build up an unmatched tolerance or if you’re just starting as a weed smoker – moderation will help you. If you’re consistently waking and baking every day, it will lead to a higher tolerance and, most likely, a bit of a dependence. Try a tolerance break if you feel like this may be a bad habit. 

How to use cannabis in moderation

The first thing you want to do is figure out a day or two a week where smoking weed will truly only benefit you. Maybe it’s after a long day at work, or perhaps it’s Monday night football, and you realize you like to get a little high watching the boys toss the boss around. It’s important, at first, to stick to a schedule that will only add to your life rather than having it be just something to do. Once you have a decent grasp on how cannabis fits into your lifestyle, you’re free to move around and experiment with more or less frequency. 

TLDR; Do whatever you want*

*Unless you feel like it’s taking away parts of your life that were there before you started consuming cannabis. Then, definitely figure that out.

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Janet July 3, 2023 - 7:23 pm

A wake and bake is fun on days when you can take a long nap later in the afternoon.


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