What is a Wake and Bake?

by Bridey Hicks
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Picture this. You wake up to the sun shining into your bedroom as you take a hit of your favorite weed. Your bed gets immediately more comfy, and the sunlight will either up the vibe, or you may find yourself pulling the curtains back down. Either way, you’re here for a reason. And that reason is to wake and bake. 

A wake and bake is to consume cannabis first thing in the morning. That’s really it. Depending on what you want out of your day, there aren’t any specific rules. 

Should I wake and bake?

If you’re like the 22% of cannabis users who wake and bake regularly, you may want to try it out. It’s probably best to try it out for the first time on a weekend when you don’t have much to do. This way, once you know how it affects you, you’ll be able to gauge when and how often you want to implement a wake and bake into your lifestyle. 

The biggest tip would be to find a strain of weed that is more sativa dominant so that you won’t be glued to the couch all day. Although, if you have couch-fever, go ahead and jump for the heavy indica that will be able to lay you out for a couple of hours while you watch re-runs of Friends. It’s all up to you and what you want the vibe to be. 

It should be noted that a wake and bake will most likely be the highest you’ll feel that day. Since you just rested 6-9 hours, your body will have more room to react to the THC, leaving you with a wonderful high. So if you plan to kick off your shoes and relax after a day of work, a wake and bake may not be for you.

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How to wake and bake

The consuming cannabis part is easy, but being prepared for what you want to get out of that day is the fun part. Don’t feel like hitting your pipe? Grab your favorite edible or tincture. Once you’ve consumed the amount you want to, eat a good breakfast. What is wake and bake without baking? Your creative side will be on full blast so that you may come up with your new favorite concoction. 

If getting high and eating isn’t something you want out of your day, one benefit of a wake and bake is to get activities done. If you use a sativa, a wake and bake can wake you up and become a part of your morning ritual. Like before listening to a new podcast episode or doing some relaxing yoga. Whatever activity makes you feel good and relaxed should come after your wake and bake. 

Now that you know all the tea on what a wake and bake is, give it a shot. Start on a low-stakes day and see what you get yourself into. You’d be surprised what a morning high can do for the newbie cannabis connoisseur.

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