Cannabis Strain Review: Pacific Stone Wedding Cake

by Carrie Dabshaw
Pacific Stone Wedding Cake_ Photo by Tara Egnatios

Pacific Stone's Wedding Cake At-A-Glance


This indica-dominant strain is one of the most popular from Pacific Stone. Wedding Cake is here for just that-restful, recharging downtime.


Buy a bag for yourself and another to play hero at your next social event. Under $20/eighth.


Cerebral effects are muted for a mental vacation. This is the perfect, euphoric companion for comedy.

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About Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake

The team behind Pacific Stone built the coastal indoor greenhouses they grow in. Everything about this brand speaks to that grassroots enthusiasm. This is cannabis for the masses. Everyone is welcome and no one is left out.

Generosity is woven into cannabis culture and Pacific Stone makes it affordable to roll hearty blunts without hesitation. This is weed to share without worrying how much it cost you.

When producing and evaluating wine, the grapes used in its production are given a lot of attention. The discerning palate will seek to understand the grapes’ terrior-the totality of the environmental conditions under which they grew. It’s like the horticulture version of “tell me about your childhood”. The plant takes on the character of the environment it grew up in and the more refined your taste gets the greater your ability to sus those developmental differences out.

Unlike grapes, which will be pulverized and ferment into decay before they reach our glasses, cannabis flower hits our bowls much closer to its original form. This makes the flower’s terrior all the more important.

Put simply-cannabis takes on the spirit of its hometown. And the laid back California surfer dude is alive and well here. Warm weather, the beach, street art and taco stands as far as the eye can see unfurl in each puff.


If this is the Wedding Cake, the bridal party’s about to do some things they regret. Beer aficionados would call this “crushable”-uncomplicated, straight-forward and easy to power through to the next round.

Pacific Stone takes us back to a simpler time-when cannabis wasn’t so complicated. You reached for what made you feel good and no hipster in a slouchy beanie made you feel bad about it.

Opening the bag releases a dank, earthy aroma that reeks of nostalgia. Like your best friend’s clam-baked dorm room or what we can only imagine (but are pretty fuckin’ sure) Scooby Doo’s van smells like.

The buds are dense with orange hairs and lightly frosted tips reminiscent of Guy Fieri’s forever-Oakley-holding head. This flower is pretty. But approachable. Perfect for blunts, bong rips, and volcano vapes.

Don’t be polite. Dig in and go back for a second plate. 

Pacific Stone Wedding Cake_ Photo by Tara Egnatios


Indicas (as well as indica dominant hybrids like this little fella) get a bad rap. We are overworked, underpaid, and constantly bombarded by increasingly rabid fever dreams masquerading as “news”. We don’t need cannabis to be doing the most on top of it. Sometimes you can just chill. 

Wedding Cake is here for just that-restful, recharging downtime. 

Cerebral effects are muted for a mental vacation. This is the perfect companion for a comedy that relies more on frequent laughs than structured story-telling. If you haven’t seen Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle yet, now’s the time.

I used a hemp wick to light this bowl. If you’re unfamiliar, hemp wicks are thin ropes (like the wick of a candle) that you light and then use to light a bowl (instead of a lighter). This helps get maximum flavor out of the flower by removing the lighter’s butane ignition. Using a wick here gave me a slightly chocolate aftertaste that lessened as the bowl progressed. 

Although this one releases muscle tension, the spirit stays lively. You won’t feel like a melted snowman. 

Wedding Cake feels like a warm memory that stays fresh for years to come.


Pacific Stone grows cannabis that opens its arms to everybody. Buy a bag for yourself and another to play hero at your next social event. Under $20/eighth.

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