Best Cannabis for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, and Singles Appreciation Day

by Carrie Dabshaw
photo by rene porter on unsplash_Best Cannabis for Valentine's, Galentine's, and Singles Appreciation Day

However you express and revel in love is up to you and whoever is lucky enough to share in it. Whether you need the right stuff for Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Singles Appreciation Day, or all three, Emjay’s got your love drugs covered this February. Here’s the best cannabis for: 

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Cookies - Indica

There are few love languages that evolved past the uncomplicated bliss of dessert before dinner. Big Pete’s feels like home and tastes even better. With plenty of rumbly in your tumbly, take these slow and show up to your plate with ravenous intentions.

These pre-rolls combine the healing and uplifting components of cannabis with the majesty of Mother Earth’s natural flower power. Moderately dosed to add a sparkle to the evening without losing your cool, Drew Martin’s smokes make you feel safe enough to take a more vulnerable dive.

Intentionally formulated for connecting more consciously with our sexuality, Kikoko provides a boost towards a sharper focus on our senses. Warm, tasty, and intoxicating Sensuali-Tea delivers on its promise for however many collide in sexual ecstasy.

Fig Farms Animal Mints Ivory Review from Emjay

Owned by its growers, Fig Farms exists solely for the optimum expression of cosmic wizardry as expressed in, through, and as cannabis. Animal Mints Ivory Pheno is a gem of a flower and lends itself to a much deeper experience than diamonds or roses.

Pomelo Anderson by Fiore_Emjay Review

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure flower with the potential to steer the conversation towards 90s nostalgia or the seminal sex tape of our time. Either way, there will be plenty to talk about with Ms. Anderson around.

Sonder's Space Crystal edible review from Emjay

However, you feel about your February 14th or if you feel nothing-grab a package of weed freakin’ Pop Rocks to either wash off the day or end that shit with an exclamation point. Great for sharing with friends or luxuriating in all to yourself.

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