Cannabis x Free Delivery x Movie Night – Smoking Wonderbrett Watching Bad Trip on Netflix

by Carrie Dabshaw
Grapes of Wrath by Wonderbrett

The Smoke: Grapes of Wrath from Wonderbrett

Grown in Long Beach and dripping in joy, Grapes of Wrath by Wonderbrett connects you effortlessly with your passions for a mature, unobtrusive buzz.

Manageable mental excitement and chill somatic effects make this the perfect flower for movie night. You’re clear-headed enough to engage mentally but relaxed enough to become fully immersed in the world on screen. These are good times & great memories weed-a great fit for laughter and friendship.

If this hybrid was a buddy road-trip movie, the uplift is definitely in the driver’s seat. In control, but at a respectful, enjoyable pace with relaxation as her pleasant, steadfast co-pilot. Cheers this champagne of plants to your accomplishments and go wild without worrying the gals will join hands and drive you off a cliff. 

The Show: Bad Trip on Netflix 

The Skinny: 

Hidden-camera prank comedy meets a heartfelt buddy road trip in this hysterical and life-affirming R-rated cringe binge.

The Squad: 

Bad Trip stars the brilliant and hilarious Eric Andre alongside the immensely loveable Lil Rel Howery and the once-in-a-generation comedic talent of Tiffany Haddish.

Eric Andre manufactures extreme circumstances to highlight the basic goodness of the people he encounters on the street. Whereas other prank shows use their mischief to humiliate, this film seeks to uplift by showing the kindness everyday people respond to within the heat of the moment. Yes, some of the gags are gross, and some of the situations are really uncomfortable, but at its core, this is a feel-good movie about our friends and neighbors when they’re put on the spot.

As per usual, Tiffany Haddish steals every scene she’s in, and Lil Rel is the amazing best friend we all dream of.

The Synergy:

Grapes of Wrath x Bad Trip provides for heavy comedy and a gentle mind-boggling from the safety and comfort of your couch. Laughter and a renewed faith in humanity burst forth effortlessly.

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