Cannabis Product Review: Emjay Exclusive Uvas Helado Strain from Lyfted Farms

by Carrie Dabshaw
Lyfted Farms Uvas Helado strain review from Emjay

Uvas Helado At-A-Glance


Emjay upgrades the Ice Cream Truck with an exclusive treat delivered directly to your doorstep.


Harness the power of purple with an uncomplicated unwind into mindless physical delights and a gorgeous night's sleep.


$60 for icy cold creamy grape relaxation.

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Stop that paletero! grab some Uvas Helado Today on Emjay only.

About Lyfted Farms’ Uvas Helado

It is Emjay’s honor and distinct pleasure to share this Lyfted Farms exclusive with you. With a roster of deliciously named offerings, Lyfted Farms marries the joy of food with the spectacular majesty of plant medicine. Lyfted’s cornucopian feast serves up a wide range of mouthwatering tasties: Biscotti, Mochi, Peanut Butter Breath, Tres Leches, and Sundae Driver to name a few. For Emjay only, Lyfted also dishes out Garlic Noodles (in a brilliantly designed ramen adorned bag) and the Uvas Helado featured here.

Lyfted Farms’ founding credo is to put nurture into nature and tech into technique in their strive to do better in the cannabis space. In collaboration with the Balca-Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance and the Love Modesto community environmental initiative, Lyfted Farms seeks out, employs, and collaborates with veterans and people of color for their top-notch leaves.

25 years ago, founder Bob Blink started with one lamp and a couple of plants and hasn’t looked back since. Now operating out of a nearly 200,000 square foot cultivation facility each step of the grow process takes place under hyper-vigilant environmental conditions to ensure quality and consistency.

Lyfted Farms calls on years of expertise and a commitment to innovation to stand out amongst the ever-expanding sea of emerald treasures.


Lyfted Farms brilliantly adds a double dose of sauce to their packaging to whet the consumer’s appetite. In the constantly revolving and vast lineup of cannabis offerings served up at Emjay and our home base Sherbinskis it is difficult to stand out. But somehow Lyfted Farms managed to accomplish just that with their stunning and inventive labeling. Uvas Helado pays gorgeous tribute to the heavenly paletas we all want, need, and deserve at the peak of summer heat. The childhood joy carted around by the paletero is summoned instantly in this attention-stealing packaging. 

With this graphic prowess, Lyfted also extends into skateboards and a diverse range of clothing. Apparel emblazoned with a cannabis company’s regalia is not something I ever thought I would be into and it’s taken me a while to get comfortable with it. But some brands, like Lyfted, transcend a cheap marketing ploy and make fantastic clothes for the psychonaut’s palate. Lyfted apparel draws heavily on street art aesthetics and like many of today’s fashion trends seems like a 2021 update to the strengths of the 90s’ brashest aesthetics. With equally amazing skate decks, Lyfted carves out a series of avenues for themselves with some top-notch graphics.

In collaboration with TasteDeezTreats, Lyfted Farms is undefeated in its ability to stop smokers in their tracks with its appetite-inducing marketing.  Let’s make a plate and see what Lyfted’s got cookin’.


The bright yellow bag starts the Uvas experience off right—grape ice cream’s never looked so good and the smell of Lyfted’s outdoes anything the palatero is handing out.  Homer Simpson astutely informed us that purple is a fruit and DeezTreats smell as purple as can be. The earth is a magical living be-ing and it is so spectacular that somehow this flower can smell like the feel of creaminess. I said it with Pink Helado and I’ll say it again: it is borderline criminal that these don’t come bundled with a paleta you can actually eat. A deep rich purple and a ribbon of bright orange float on a river of cream to the joy of your olfactory senses.

Lyfted Farms and its genetics from TasteDeezTreats are absolutely 3000% correct in keeping this recipe to themselves. It is unique, remarkable, and absolutely stands out among the ever-expanding cannabis sea. The Helado series is truly something special and Emjay is blessed to have this one all to ourselves. Uvas Helado is bundled up in more compact bud configurations than either the Maracuja or Pink and is as purple as the name makes it seem. Sparkling trichomes naturally gather and glisten where the blossoming orange hairs tie together the purples and deep greens.

The smell and appearance of cannabis are two metrics the smoker can use to identify a weed’s personality. Based on what I’ve smelled and seen Uvas and I are about to get along swimmingly. Passing it through the grinder, Uvas makes Prince proud bursting into a rich pile of purple. Uvas seems to gain aroma in pieces and makes for a pretty bowl.  Uvas has an unbelievably grape exhale and an instant chilled-out onset.

Uvas Helado stays intact but melts you quickly into a puddle of relaxation. This is not a weed for running errands or having intense conversations. Uvas is perfect for snuggling, mindless comedies, and bedtime. The aesthetic recalls childhood pleasures and the effects of the flower drop you squarely into that physical wellbeing. It is wildly appropriate that this blend is only available on our free delivery platform. Uvas Helado is made for as little effort as possible and the self-love to allow yourself to rest without judgment.


Lyfted justifies its price point many times over on every possible metric. Treat yourself, Uvas Helado is worth the cost at $60 per eighth.

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