How To Make Weed Tea

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There’s something inherently fancy about weed tea in a beautiful mug. If you enjoy cannabis but don’t like to smoke or vape it, weed tea is a great way to experience the effects without having to inhale.

The best part of weed tea is that it’s extraordinarily easy to make. If you aren’t much of a baker, edibles can be a difficult feat to achieve. All you need to make weed tea is some weed and some tea. You can get creative if you wish, but simple solutions will work just fine in a pinch. 

First, decarboxylate your weed

You can’t just put your weed in a cup with some hot water. If only it were that easy. Your weed needs to be heated up in order for its cannabinoids to convert from their acid form to their active form. The temperature of your tea won’t be hot enough to provoke that reaction.

Decarbing your weed is easy. Just grind it up until the pieces are about the size and shape of grains of rice. Crumple and uncrumple a piece of aluminum foil, and use it to line a glass baking dish. Evenly distribute the weed on top of the foil, and gently cover it with another piece of uncrumpled foil.

Take everything out of your oven and position a rack in the center. The center of your oven has the most uniformity in temperature. Bake your weed at 220 degrees for about 45 minutes. When you take it out, it should look a little golden. If it’s still green, put it back in and check it again in about five minutes.

Store your decarboxylated weed in an airtight container that can block out sunlight, A black ceramic hinge top jar with a rubber seal will work just fine.

Determine the proper dosage

Don’t just put weed in a teabag and call it a day. You aren’t prepared for what’s going to happen. The weed you eat or drink affects the body very differently from the weed you smoke. You need far less cannabis to create an edible or a tea.

There are 1,000 milligrams. If you have a gram of 20% THC weed, that gram contains 200 mg. The ideal dose for an edible is 5 mg or less. That means that a single gram of weed produces 40 servings. 

One of the advantages of weed-infused foods and drinks is that a tiny bit of weed takes you a very long way. Not many people get high 40 times off of one gram, or 140 times from an eighth. You’ll only see that happen with edibles. You have to be patient when you’re waiting for them to kick in, but when they do, they definitely deliver. 

In order to determine proper dosage, using a scale is important. If you’re using your cannabis to infuse another food, be mindful of the way you dilute it. Half a gram of decarboxylated weed is enough for a generous batch of baked goods or several dozen cups of tea. 

Do you take your tea with cream?

If you drink your tea with cream, it might be easier to infuse the cream you use with cannabis. You can use the same cream to make weed coffee. If you’re savvy with the blender, a mocha weed frappe may be in order. 

All you need to do is put your measured weed into a tea infuser. Stick it in the slow cooker with cream, half and half, or full-fat coconut milk. Plant milk or low-fat milk won’t work, because cannabis requires some type of fat to bind to. Measure the milk before you put it in the slow cooker. This will help you determine an accurate THC dose per tablespoon of milk.

Leave the slow cooker on the lowest setting for about three hours. Periodically stir it and move the tea infuser full of cannabis around. At the end of the three hours, take the tea infuser out. Pour your cannabis cream into a refrigerator-safe container and keep it cold until you’re ready to use it.

If you share a fridge, you should definitely label the cream to avoid any mishaps. You don’t want someone accidentally spiking their morning cup. 

Mix your weed with tea ingredients

In order to assure you’re getting the right amount of cannabis in each cup of tea, you’ll want to invest in a milligram scale. If your weed is 200mg of THC per gram, that means that there is 1 milligram of THC per every five milligrams of weed. For a gentle cup of cannabis tea, use 15 milligrams of cannabis, which would be 3 milligrams of THC. 

Once you have your weed properly portioned, it’s time to make it a part of your tea. You can do this in a creative way or a lazy way.

The lazy way:

If you have sachets of pre-blended teas you already like, open them up. Put your weed in, and close them again. It’s really that easy. If you like to make a large, frosty glass of iced tea with lemon, just put the weed in your black tea bag. Do you like green tea with honey? Spike your bag of green tea.

The fun way:

If you like to blend your own herbal teas or buy bulk blends, you can make your custom creations and put them in your tea sachets or infuser. You can add things like dried berries, citrus rinds, or flowers to enhance the flavor of your tea. Using dried blueberries with Blue Dream or lemon rind with Gelato will complement the natural flavor of the weed. 

How long to steep weed tea?

Weed tea made with decarboxylated weed doesn’t take any longer to steep. Wait for the kettle to give you a whistle, pour your water into your mug with your cannabis-infused tea blend, and wait about five minutes to pull the infuser out if you prefer a stronger flavor. 

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Rose and jasmine green tea

Rose and jasmine tea won’t be a hit with people who don’t like floral flavors, but the tea itself packs some benefits. This tea benefits women the most. Jasmine is known to help with PMS and menstrual symptoms, rose is loaded with antioxidants and may help to relieve digestive upset, and green tea is a natural diuretic that can help with bloating. THC is a natural pain reliever. Put them all together and you have the perfect remedy for a bad period day.

Open up a bag of jasmine tea and a bag of green tea. Empty them into a tea infuser with your cannabis. Add a drop of rosewater and your desired amount of honey to your tea water. Brew, sip and relax for a few.

Weed matcha

Matcha is the healthiest of all green teas. Since you’re consuming the whole leaf, rather than water infused with the leaf, you’re getting all of the antioxidants from the green tea plant. Who says weed smokers can’t be healthy?

Prepare your matcha according to package instructions and add a splash of your cannabis-infused cream to turn your matcha into a latte. Honey or coconut sugar is optional, but they’re always a treat.

Cannabis dirty chai latte

If you’ve never had a dirty chai latte before, you’re missing out. Espresso pairs perfectly with the spicy flavor of chai tea. Cream amps up the richness and makes the latte feel even more decadent. 

Start with a shot of espresso, and brew a strong but small cup of chai tea. Warm up some cannabis-infused coconut milk and stir them all together. You can top it off with some ground cinnamon for a warm and spicy kick. 

Indica sleepytime tea

Indica is a sleepytime weed. Why not add some decarboxylated indica to your sleep-boosting tea? Put three tablespoons of dried chamomile flower, a teaspoon of dried lavender flower, a teaspoon of fresh mint, and your indica into your tea infuser. Brew it and drink it about two hours before you’re ready to go to bed. 

The takeaway

Weed tea is easy, delicious, and fun. If you already enjoy the benefits of herbal teas or the flavor of tea lattes, it doesn’t take much additional effort to throw a little weed in the mix. A few grams of decarboxylated weed will give you enough cannabis to make weed tea for months. 

If you’d rather cut right to the chase and drink your weed right away, Emjay can help. We can deliver cannabis-infused drinks and edibles right to your door in about 30 minutes. You can pour them over ice and enjoy them without any of the work. 

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