The Perfect DIY Edibles for the Super Bowl

by Leslie McMann

DIY Edibles for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a celebration of great American pastimes: football, drinking, and snacking. But now that cannabis is legal recreationally, and you’re going to spend the whole day on the couch anyways…why not add a little weed to the menu by making edibles for the Super Bowl?

Basically any dish or drink can be enhanced with cannabis by replacing just one or two of the ingredients with a cannabis-infused substitute. Before planning your feast, we recommend stocking up on these staple ingredient edibles:

There are also some items available on Emjay that can quickly turn almost any food or drink into an edible, no prep or cooking required.

Alt Vials

These handy-dandy vials from ALT contain tasteless but potent THC oil in distilled water. They’re easily added to any beverage, even cocktails, without affecting the flavor.

Five Star Extracts Syrups

Sort of the inverse of ALT, these fruit-flavored THC syrups from Five Star Extracts pack strong (but not weedy) flavor. They can be added to drinks, or drizzled over desserts and ice cream.

Potli Oils and Honeys

If you don’t really consider yourself a chef, you can buy Potli’s ready-made staple edibles instead of making your own. They have infused EVOO, chili oil, raw honey and even sriracha.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Shouting at the referee’s bad calls is thirsty work! Emjay sells several different THC and CBD-infused drinks, including weed-infused beers from Lagunitas. Other great options include Wunder and Cann, which are closer to sodas.

If you’re looking for regular old beer, wine and liquor, thank you ma’am, then check out our sister-site, Saucey. She’s like Emjay, but for delivering alcohol.

Speaking of liquor…did you know you can infuse liquor with cannabis? And that it’s super easy? This recipe will work with any clear-colored, 80 proof liquor, such as vodka, light rum or tequila blanca:

  1. Mix 8 grams of ground, decarbed flower with a fifth (750 ml) of liquor. Store in a jar with a tightly sealed lid and keep in a cool and dark place.
  2. Everyday for the next four days, you’re going to take this jar of liquor and weed and you’re going to dance with her. And not some tender little sidestep like a middle school dance. You’re going to toss and shake that baby all around the dance floor. But keep a good grip while you’re shaking and jiving her, because if she drops and breaks all over your floor you will never get the smell out. A couple songs each day should be good enough.
  3. On day 4, boil a pot of water. Once bubbling, turn off the heat and sit the jar in the bath for half an hour. The water doesn’t need to cover the top of the jar. This little jacuzzi is going to force the cannabis material to release the rest of it’s THC, CBD and terpenes into the liquor.
  4. When she’s done with her bath, strain the plant material using a coffee filter or cheesecloth, and catch the liquid in another jar or bottle. You now have an infused liquor you can use as a base in cocktails or as shots.

Make it into a margarita! Mix infused tequila with lime juice (or marg mix) and coat the rim of the glass with a 50/50 mix of salt and cannabis sugar to make a marijuanita.

Gameday Edibles

Below are some Super Bowl staple snacks that can be easily upgraded to Super Bowl edibles. While we don’t recommend putting weed in every single item on your table, this list should offer an option for everyone. Even the vegans.

Wings: Wings are actually super easy to turn into an edible: just replace the butter in the sauce recipe with cannabutter. And if you’re worried your homemade cannabutter tastes a little too pungent, well the spicy intensity of Buffalo sauce does a good job of covering up any other flavor on the wings.

Baked Baked Chips: Cut tortillas or pita into triangles. Coat the triangles in cannabis oil (in this case, we’d recommend infused olive or canola oil) and bake on a tray in a single layer for 10 minutes at 350 F. Once lightly browned, toss with salt (and lime juice if you’re making tortilla chips).

And of course, no chip is complete without some dip!

Hummus: Replace the olive oil in the traditional hummus recipe with some cannabis olive oil. Or buy some hummus at the store and drizzle the olive oil on top.

Salsa and Guacamole: Both these beloved Mexican dips can also quickly be turned to edibles just by adding cannabis olive oil to your own recipe.

Cannabis-Infused Queso Recipe:

Beware, the following recipe is rated XXX for 3x the cannabis content. You’re going to need:

  • 1/4 cup CannaButter
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 1 cup of Weed Milk
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1/2 cup pepper jack cheese, grated
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 Cannabis Salsa
  1. In a saucepan on low heat, melt the cannabutter.
  2. Once melted, add the flour and mix with the butter until combined and frothy. Congrats chef, you just made a roux.
    Now mix in the Weed Milk.
  3. Once the milk is combined with the roux, start adding the cheeses, keeping the heat on low until it’s melted. Salt to taste.
  4. With the cheese fully melted, mix in the cannabis salsa and remove from heat. Pour it into a bowl and serve with your Baked Baked Tortilla Chips.

Trust us, you’re in for a good time with this queso.


The Feast of the Super Bowl is not finished until the winners celebrate with dessert, and the losers eat their feelings with dessert. Of course you can serve up the usual weed brownies using any of the staple edibles we listed at the top of this blog. But Super Bowl calls for something special, so we resurrected this old recipe we learned at summer camp, and tweaked it for an adult, weed-consuming palate:

Cannabis Ice Cream in a Bag Recipe:

Yes, you can make your own ice cream with just milk, sugar, plastic zip bags, ice and salt. Plus any flavor you want, like vanilla, mint, or Five Star Extract’s Wild Berry. Here’s what you need:

Ingredients (makes about 2 servings):

  • 2 cups Weed Milk
  • ½ cup Cannabis Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon flavor extract


  • 1 zippered sandwich bag per person
  • 1 gallon sized zippered bag per person
  • Enough ice to fill each gallon bag
  • ⅓ cup rock salt per person

Once you’ve got everything ready, here’s how to make weed-infused ice cream in a bag:

  1. Pour 1 cup weed milk and ¼ cup cannabis sugar plus flavor extract in each sandwich bag. Seal tightly, making sure no air is trapped inside. Now use your hands to gently smoosh the bag and mix everything together.
  2. Fill the gallon bags halfway with ice. Place a filled sandwich bag in each gallon bag, then fill with more ice and pour in the salt.
  3. Seal up the gallon bag and gently shake and toss the bags for 10 minutes, or until the ice cream has set. Remove and eat straight from the sandwich bags.

That’s all there is to making homemade weed ice cream in just ten minutes. The perfect ending to Super Bowl Sunday, whether your team won or lost.

Best Gameday Ever

Try experimenting with one or all of these recipes to make your Super Bowl watch party all that more exciting. Can you imagine everyone’s face when you bring queso? How about when you explain that it’s actually an edible? At that point, it won’t matter what happens in the game – you’ll be the MVP.

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