Cannabis Product Review: Marathon OG from The Cure Company

by Carrie Dabshaw
Marathon OG_ Emjay Review

Marathon OG At-A-Glance


The Marathon Continues with a superb, regal flower as unforgettable and inspiring as its creator.


Way better than $55. If you're lucky enough to catch it in stock, buy it immediately.


Relaxed and confident creativity sink into a mystic, grounded wisdom for an exemplary uplift.

About The Cure Company’s Marathon OG

The Cure Company has been growing cannabis since 2006 and uses its decades of acumen to pay tribute to the remarkable legacy of Los Angeles’ Legendary Hip Hop Icon Nipsey Hussle. The Cure Company operates a two-story state-of-the-art seed-to-sale cultivation facility right here in Downtown LA. Upstairs are eight rooms of cultivation, and downstairs is a gigantic, gorgeous dispensary. The Cure Company bears the seal of approval from beloved cannabis x hip hop tastemakers such as Neighborhood Nip and Snoop D oh Double G himself. The Cure Company controls every aspect of their meticulous execution for a well-crafted and deliberately cultivated final product.

The Cure Company offers unique, enticing strains like Sweet Thang and Salted Apricot Gelato in addition to their high-profile collabs. Like many other highest quality brands, their website also links to a variety of wearable merchandise. Cure opts for elegantly understated logos that look more like the spirit of Los Angeles than goofy stoner-wear.

Marathon OG is extremely difficult to find in stock at any of the dispensaries around town. It sells out incredibly quickly and is hard to get back on shelves because it is sought after. We had to wait weeks to get it back in stock at Sherbinskis. Like everything Nipsey produced, this strain strikes a chord with people on a deep, personal level, especially in Los Angeles. This strain was Nip’s favorite, and with its proliferation, The Marathon Continues.


Nipsey Hustle occupied a unique and important niche in the West Coast Hip Hop community. Nipsey made his name on the mixtapes, after which this strain is named. The Marathon and The Marathon Continues paved the way for his hometown shout-out Crenshaw of which reigning Hip Hop Emperor Jay-Z bought 100 copies. Tragically, Nipsey’s first studio album was also his last, with Nipsey meeting extreme violence outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Crenshaw before he had the chance to follow up on 2018’s Victory Lap.

Nipsey named himself a riff on comedian Nipsey Russell and earned the hustle moniker to its fullest extent before his untimely passing. After leaving his previous deal with Epic, Nipsey founded his own record label, All Money In, No Money Out. Nipsey jumped on several collaborations with some of hip hop’s biggest names, including Drake, Rick Ross, and on YG’s gorgeously necessary “FDT” (look it up if you don’t know it by now.)

Neighborhood Nip invested in his community as fully as his business ventures. Nipsey funded improvements to Crenshaw neighborhood schools and spent time educating students on the dangers of gun violence and gang culture. Nipsey helped plan and orchestrate Destination Crenshaw to uplift the rich history and culture of the black community in the area. In an utterly devastating irony, Nipsey was murdered the day before he was set to meet with LAPD and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to discuss how to alleviate the pernicious impact of gang-related violence in South Central LA.

Nipsey’s passing was a devastating loss, and it’s hard to go far in LA without seeing a mural dedicated to his service and artistry. May he rest in peace and power, and may we all continue his work of uplifting the under-resourced communities of Los Angeles.

Marathon OG_ Emjay Review


Marathon OG sports the bold, timeless emblem of Nipsey’s South Central store. Inside the striking box. is a gorgeous gold embellished jar. It’s cool that we can buy our favorite artist’s personal stash within the safety and legitimacy of legality. If you are a fan of Nipsey’s, this is amazing merchandizing. Lab testing reveals 26.16% THC and .05% CBD.

Marathon Clothing could easily branch off into fragrances with the gorgeous aromas coming off this flower. The jar is vacuum-sealed, and however much they paid for that detail, they got their money’s worth. A well-orchestrated symphony of pretty floral notes lands on the nose like a fresh bushel of flowers. The buds have a regal royal quality to them-plump, windswept, and crowned with deep brown knotted hairs. Glistening, furry trichomes cover every centimeter of these hearty, dense buds. No smalls made it in the jar. This is the varsity squad.

The inhale doesn’t taste like the flower smells, but it is just as incredible. Lots of petrol for a smooth, weightless, crisp smoke. This is the perfect candidate for rolling a blunt.  Packwoods did a special edition of their mind-boggling blunts using Marathon OG, and I would gladly fight a dragon to get my hands on it.

Strains like these are why I don’t subscribe to the sativa/indica (false) paradigm. The mind and body are at ease, but creativity and a free flow of ideas are aroused because of that stillness. The high isn’t energetic by any means, but it is truly invigorating. Gradual confidence builds, and feeling prepared to meet life head-on is summoned organically as well. Marathon OG is a deeply felt pep talk with no lies detected. A new vantage point opens up, and there’s a wisdom and mysticism set ablaze.

Smoking Marathon feels like an intimate one-on-one with the wisest prophet in the land. The flower seems to capture so much of Nipsey’s essence. This is the Philosopher King of smokes from the Philosopher King of emcees.


Well worth $55 and then some. The Cure Company’s Marathon OG does not disappoint. 

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