The Best Sativa Strains For Creativity

by Bridey Hicks

What are the best sativa strains for creativity? 

Weed can open your mind to new ideas, or expand an already fully formed concept. It’s a beautiful experience. Cannabis is one of the most popular substances people use to open those doors, and it works wonders.

However, not all strains of bud can help with creativity. Many actively don’t help at all. So, if you want a more creative experience, pure sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids are the way to go. Since sativas are usually more euphoric and uplifting than indica’s, you’ll have the ability to dive deeper into what you’re working on.

How do you tell which weed will help you be creative?

Everyone reacts differently to different strains, so it’s important to listen to what your body tells you.

Ultimately, what helps you get into a creative headspace is the perfect creative strain for you. You want a strain with the right amount of THC that will leave you feeling productive and happy. Higher THC percentage is a huge plus for creativity, as it is the chemical responsible for altering your headspace. If you overdo it though, there’s a chance you could wake up with a THC hangover (the dreaded kush coma). We want colors, breakthroughs, and confidence – not grogginess.

Learn more about THC here.

The best sativa strains for creativity:

Blue Dream – 18.5% THC; 0% CBD

This sativa-dominant strain will allow for a mellow and comfortable headspace. Expect a rush of inspiration that’s finished off with a more relaxing high. Leave your mind at ease and try Select’s Blue Dream Distillate.

Sour Diesel – 18.5% THC; 0% CBD

Ding, ding, ding. Sour Diesel is famously known to boost creative flow while delivering energizing and euphoric effects. What more do you need for creativity? Try the Sour Diesel Distillate by STIIZY already! 

Trainwreck – 17.5% THC; 13% CBD

Yes, you’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a train – but in a good way. This sativa-dominant hybrid surges your mind with euphoria, which is great for allowing a confident headspace in your workflow. It’s also known to stir away headaches and muscle aches, so you’ll feel good while you create. Check out the Trainwreck Sauce by Drip and breakthrough whatever’s been nagging at you.  

Jack Herer – 17.5% THC; 0% CBD

Another sativa-dominant hybrid, Jack Herer leaves you in a blissful, clear, and creative headspace. It comes on slowly, so you’ll have to try out the Jack Herer 1/8 from Humble while your ideas magically come to you.

Amnesia Haze – 19% THC; 0% CBD

This strain’s name may actually be a misnomer. Amnesia Haze is known for actually aiding productivity. With its anxiety relief and focus-centered high, it’ll leave you feeling giggly, and euphoric – perfect for a high energy gig. Check out the Amnesia Haze Packarillos by Packwood and get cracking on your next project.

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