What Temperature Is Best For Dabs?

by Brad P
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The first time I saw a dab rig was at a friend’s bachelor party almost a decade ago. A bulky glass rig with a blowtorch was the first time I tried a concentrate besides hash. Of course, back then, no one was talking about optimum temperature or taste quality. But as dabbing has found its way to the mainstream amongst the legal cannabis market, research and technology have followed suit. 

Electronic dab rigs called e-nails have made it easier than ever to dab. Still, many dabbers simply leave their settings on “default” without realizing that temperature impacts everything from taste to the type of high experience. Choosing your dab temperature allows you to customize your concentrate experience. But how do you know what temperature is right for you? From terpenes to toke size, we’ll break down everything you need to know about dab temperatures and help you get the perfect dab every time.

How do terpenes impact dab temperature? 

Sometimes referred to as ‘terps,’ terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that actually exist in most plants. They’re also the thing that makes your cannabis smell and tastes delicious. So, if you want to maintain that flavor profile, you have to be careful with your dab temperatures. Most terpenes have a relatively low boiling point somewhere between 250° and 400°, making it easy to torch your dab and be left with a lung full of burnt toke. 

A common saying for those who prefer to taste the full flavor profile is that you have to waste it to taste it. Which means you can’t torch the dab into a pile of ashes. Generally, some sticky resin will still be left after a low temp dab, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a less potent high.  This method can produce a rewarding high without compromising flavor thanks to the entourage effect of slowly releasing terpenes and other compounds with THC.

What’s the best dab temperature?

The honest answer is that it depends on what you want to get out of your dab. If you want Snoop Dogg-sized tokes and denser vapor, then higher temperatures are best. If smooth, tasty tokes that highlight flavor increase your speed, then a lower temperature is recommended. 

Low Temp Dabs 400-500°

This range is recommended for anyone looking for flavorful tokes that highlight the terpene profile of their concentrate. Most concentrates can activate at temperatures as low as 350, and most terpenes have a boiling point under 400, making 400-500 an ideal range for low-temperature dabs. Depending on your e-nail, this will most likely be the lowest temperature setting available. Many set a minimum temperature between 400 and 500.

Be aware that some dabbers consider low temp dabs to be wasteful, as it doesn’t burn off completely and leaves behind an oily residue. It will be up to you whether the flavor and entourage effect balances out any potential ‘waste.’

Mid Temp Dabs 500-600°

Mid-temp dabs are probably the closest to a standard temperature. In this range, you’ll experience denser cloud production and still be able to enjoy the flavor of the concentrate. We recommend starting in this range and adjusting accordingly. If you find yourself coughing heavily and unable to experience the flavors you want, try decreasing your temp. If you prefer big, dense clouds of vape that leave you a little light-headed, turn up the heat.

High-Temperature Dabs 600-750°

High-temp dabs combust quickly and provide thick, smoky clouds of vape. Some feel that high-temp dabs provide the most bang for your buck, as it doesn’t leave any waste and the dense clouds provide a fast and efficient high. This really comes down to user preference, but if you prefer high THC content over flavor, then dabbing at higher temps might be right for you.

As a note, we do not advise vaping at temperatures higher than 750, as initial research has shown that this can be harmful. High temperatures can lead to toxic degradation, which means that the plant starts degrading in a way that causes chemical reactions that could be harmful to ingest. The same study showed that no such chemicals were released when dabbing under 750°.

Can I get dabs delivered?

We know dabbin’ ain’t easy, which is why we’re here to help you get the perfect temperature dab every time. Whether you’re looking for a dab rig or a tasty new concentrate to try out low-temp dabs, just order online, and we’ll bring it directly to your door.

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