Emjay’s March Madness: A Tournament of Strains

by Doug
Emjay March Madness Strain Tournament Participants

Which strain will win this March Madness tournament of cannabis?

2 categories. 8 strains. 1 winner. May the dankest of the dank win. 

Welcome to the inaugural March Madness: A Tournament of Strains, presented by Emjay. Over the course of the month, the most redankulous flower from each league—The Indica League and The Sativa League—will go head to head in bowls, blunts, and joints across the country as we seek to find out which strain reins supreme. 

Will it be the legendary Gorilla Glue? Or dark horse XJ-13? Will Zkittles blast everyone so far into outer space that we never have a chance to find out? TBD! Here’s how it works:

Strain tournament bracket

How to participate & vote:

To participate in the tournament, just follow Emjay on Instagram and Twitter to cast votes for your favorite strain. 

Matchups will take place every Friday with participants squaring off for your votes. The schedule is set:

Preliminary Round: March 12

Semifinals: March 19

Finals: March 26-27

You can vote for your hometown strain in a few different ways. Each week, we will run Instagram story and Twitter polls, where you can select your winner. These polls will also be accompanied by an in-feed post on Instagram. Comments on the in-feed or on the tweet itself will count as 5 votes towards the strain.

Final results will be revealed no later than 5pm on March 29. 

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