Cannabis Product Review: The Smoker’s Club x Emjay’s Exclusive Saul Goodman Strain

by Carrie Dabshaw
Emjay Saul Goodman cannabis_The Smoker's Club

Saul Goodman strain at-a-glance


Step into Emjay's VIP lounge in The Smoker's Club for an excellent, forward-thinking cannabis experience from beginning to end.


Admission into the exemplary epicurean delights of The Smoker's Club is worth $60.


Slip into your own little unbothered world with a contented zone out from reality.

Find It On Emjay

You can buy Saul Goodman exclusively from The Smoker's Club on Emjay, for free delivery or in-store at Sherbinskis Fairfax.

About Saul Goodman and The Smoker’s Club

The Smoker’s Club nails cannabis lifestyle branding with their “members only” apparel and the invitation to “bring ya lungs.” In addition to their line of top-shelf cannabis, The Smoker’s Club knocks out killer merch adorned with stoner aphorisms such as “ash before you pass” and hilarious pop culture mash-ups like Bart Simpson passing Stewie Griffin the good good. The Smoker’s Club nails the feel of the stoner lifestyle, and their wide net of offerings expands all the way to unmedicated munchies in their collab with KoKo Nugz for PB&J, Popcorn, & Samoa flavored snacks in the shape of cannabis flower.

With bright colors, unapologetic tie-dye, and accessories like rolling trays and stash jars, The Smoker’s Club achieves a specific and comprehensive brand identity that seems natural and enticing. Unlike other cannabis labels, which offer weed and then some random t-shirts on the side, The Smoker’s Club feels like exactly that-an exclusive membership in high-grade interests. Although it was ultimately canceled before the event, The Smoker’s Club even ventured out into sponsoring a Coney Island Flatbush Zombies concert. If the future of cannabis is Hip Hop carnivals in New York City, I will pay whatever fees are due to join the club.

As seems to be the case for many high-end cannabis brands, information on the flower itself is played extraordinarily close to the chest. Whether it is due to the precarious legality of cannabis on a state versus federal level or the effortless cool of mystery provided by exclusivity, the scarcity of information on The Smoker’s Club cannabis encourages the consumer to stop Googling and try the product themselves.

Emjay’s exclusive collaboration with The Smoker’s Club on Saul Goodman is the pinnacle of their in-the-know VIP section.

Saul Goodman bags_Emjay and The Smoker's Club


The Smoker’s Club x Emjay strengthens the splendid marriage of pop culture and cannabis in this fantastically immersive Saul Goodman offering. The collab pays tribute to everyone’s favorite sketchy lawyer in a sneak peek of what’s to come for the cannabis industry. As Los Angeles continues to advance state of the art for mainstream cannabis consumption while simultaneously proliferating the types, subject matter, nature, and manifestations of filmed entertainment, the possibilities for an increasingly awesome synergy are truly endless. As more and more celebrities get into the cannabis game and more and more cannasieurs tie their flower to pop culture figures, the cannabis flower is poised to evolve our connection to ourselves and our story-telling even further.

In previous eras, stories told ’round the campfire were accompanied by the ritual of cannabis. In our day and age, cannabis sets the narrative, and the ritual of storytelling is the accompaniment. From Nipsey Hussle x The Cure Company to Pamela Anderson homage from Fiore and Gary Payton x Cookies, the people who represent our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fantasies are taking the reins on this foundational chapter of drugs as art. Saul Goodman is an excellent example of that.

Beyond connecting with our streaming devices and water pipes, Emjay x The Smoker’s Club hits the celli with some hotline bling. Call 1-866-BRING-YA-LUNGS to link with a ridiculous coughing rendition of all the necessary details for picking up this high-end cannabis exclusive. If only the ’90s could see us now.

Beyond the pure awesomeness of this interactive participation, it is bomb AF that free delivery brings the exclusive membership to your house for you. Throw on your Smoker’s Club sweats and slides and let Emjay do the dirty work for you.


As your attorney, I advise you to dive into the Saul Goodman treasure chest at your soonest possible convenience. Situated at the crossroads of earthy and skunky, Saul Goodman is a feast for the olfactory offering a range of notes from floral to creamy and dank.  May the church and the choir say “amen” as any true stoner is called to praise and testify at the spectacular sight of this gorgeous flower.  Even in the artificial sterility of the plastic bag, this knockout is breathtaking.  A thick frosting of trichomes is cobwebbed throughout, and the bud structure is marvelous, with dense circular petals bursting forth like the blossoming ladder of an orchid flower.  Orange hairs seem easy to come by these days, but Saul’s are something else, matted with stickiness, peach in hue, and in a formation that makes them look like the veins or neural grooves of this intergalactic fantasy plant. If you ever got into High Times, you’d be more than happy to see Saul in the centerfold.

Lab testing reveals 24.208% THC with no CBD measured. $27.914% cannabinoids make for an equally good and manageable strength for many tolerances. Before even trying it, I’m ready to put Saul on retainer.

As the aroma of the flower, the smoke it produces is nuanced and complex. There are floral and fruity notes and cream and spice, all couched in a foundation of gas. Bust out the hemp wick for this one to parse out the robust flavor profile. Great, weightless mouthfeel makes this a great one to smoke on in large or extended quantities.

The uplift is as bright and playful as the packaging.  The world feels much more okay, and pragmatic concerns are no longer an issue. This is a great go-to for when you just need to chill out for a minute. If you’re stressed or working too much, this can help untangle that tension. 

Goodman is a superb sequence of unexpected beats-relaxation is abound, but in mind, it’s hard to focus, but your perspective feels clear. This is a feel-good weed with a superior mood enhancement and a sense of spiritual safety.


A top-tier attorney requires a top-tier retainer: $60 for this  “Get Out of Jail Free” card is well worth it.

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