Everything You Need to Know About PAX Vapes

by Leslie McMann
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About PAX Labs

PAX Labs was one of the first companies to take vaping beyond a novelty wooden box or a giant tabletop balloon. In 2012, some Stanford Design graduates launched their ultra-cool, sleek, and affordable handheld dry-herb vaporizer, the PAX 1.

Though no longer available, the PAX 1 broke barriers for handheld vaporizers. Its invention sparked the demand for dry-herb vapes that are discreet, stylish, and long-lasting. And as concentrate vapes took off, PAX has kept pace by adapting their award-winning dry-herb design for a pod-based system, similar to the company’s former tobacco vape, the Juul. Today, Juul is no longer a part of the PAX brand, as the two companies parted ways in 2019.

Unlike most businesses in the cannabis industry, PAX does not actually sell any cannabis. It is a technology company. Even its proprietary pods are filled with concentrate from other trusted cannabis partners that produce the concentrates. The partners that sell PAX pods in California include reputable brands such as Jetty Extracts, Raw Garden, Brite Labs, LEUNE, and many more. PAX builds the devices and the tech, but then consumers are free to choose their own preferred type of flower and concentrate for the pods.

Types of PAX Labs vapes

Today, PAX has 4 vaporizer models available:


PAX 2 is the follow-up to the retired PAX 1 and works out some of the kinks in the original– shorter heating time, slimmer design, stronger draw. It is basically a handheld oven, but a handheld oven that won 2 design awards.

You just pack the chamber with ground flower, put the mouthpiece on, heat it up and you’re ready to vape. With four heat settings indicated by colored LED lights, PAX 2 is one of the most reliable, consistent, and easy-to-use dry herb vapes. This model cannot connect to the PAX app, but does have a 2-year warranty.


PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer, meaning you can vape dry herb and concentrates in the same device. Its design also made some improvements on the PAX 2: it’s more compact, has a longer-lasting battery, and can connect to the PAX phone app via Bluetooth. This app enables users to tailor their PAX 3’s energy usage, temperature setting, and even use PAXFinder to locate the vape if you misplace it. It can heat your flower or extract in just 20 seconds, but the device will need some extra cleaning to avoid getting clogged with resin or gummed up with old extract.


PAX ERA LIFE is reminiscent of the cannabis version of the Juul. The ERA LIFE battery is a simple, portable, and discreet design with looooong battery life (it lasts about 150 draws per charge). The ERA LIFE is available for concentrates only through the PAX proprietary pod system.

Only PAX branded pods are compatible with the ERA LIFE; you cannot use universal cartridges, dry herb, or concentrate that is not in a PAX pod with this model. The ERA LIFE charges in just 45 minutes, can heat up instantly and is affordable for most cannabis consumers. But keep in mind this type of PAX does not connect to the PAX app.


PAX ERA PRO is like the ERA LIFE, but for “professional” vapers. ERA PRO has an even longer life (250 draws per charge) and connects to the PAX app. The PAX app will notify you when it’s time to replace the pod, where to buy new pods, and even help you locate your ERA PRO if you misplace it.

Like ERA LIFE, ERA PRO is only compatible with PAX branded concentrate pods. At twice the price of ERA LIFE, PAX ERA PRO is best suited to committed vapers looking for state-of-the-art tech to enhance their experience.

Order PAX online

Hopefully, now you know which PAX device will suit your vaping needs. PAX devices and pods are available for delivery on Emjay, so you don’t need to sacrifice quality no matter where you are. Just enter your address to see what’s available near you, and PAX shall soon be with you, my brothers and sisters.

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